Rentals at Ophir Field

Ophir Field offers rental spaces for soccer and multi-sport use

Contact a member of the Ophir Field team at 914-600-5511 or use the online rental request form below to inquire about space

Ophir Turf Field Rentals


Ophir Field state of the art turf is perfect for your team or club

The flexibility of Ophir Fields means rentals can be easily modified to meet the various needs of all groups whether you are looking for a small space for soccer technical training or a whole field for your lacrosse team practice


Video streaming and recording available upon request

Our seasonal structure means you can rely on Ophir Field 12 months of the year

Ophir Court Rentals


Court Space for Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and beyond.

Ophir Field offers seasonal indoor court rentals for teams, clubs or groups

Video streaming and recording available upon request

Ophir Rental Pricing


Hourly Market Rates**


  • Futsal Court (50’x94’)                            $150
  • Training Turf Space (60’x120’)             $225
  • Quarter Turf Field (120’x120’)               $425
  • Half Turf Field (120’x240’)                     $800
  • Full Turf Field (240’x240’)                     $1,400
  • Video Streaming (per hr)                     $40
  • Video Recording (per hr)                     $40


  • Outdoor 11v11 Turf                                   $225
  • Video Streaming (per hr)                      $35
  • Video Recording (per hr)                      $35

**Subject to premium up charge or bulk discounts at management discretion based on circumstance

**Additional Charge for Rentals requiring floodlights

Rental Request

Submit your request online... or call 914-600-5511

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