Performance training at ophir field


Ophir Speed, Agility & Strength Training powered by Harrington Sports Performance

Harrington Sports Performance and Transform Fitness have worked with numerous professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes.  HSP follows a very strategic, detailed, and age-appropriate model to achieve improvements in speed, agility, strength and power.  

Performance Training at Ophir Field

Speed and Agility:

Concentrate on overall speed training, as well as multi-lateral movement. Begin with the fundamentals of movement and advance to elaborate speed training exercises. Athletes will earn proper mechanics of accelerating, top end speed, and change of direction. Progressively structured to the level of each respective group. Athletes will work to achieve peak speed, quickness and explosively off the mark.

Strength and Power:

Focus on overall strength and power training. Athletes learn proper patterns and biomechanics of foundational strength movements. Designed to accommodate and achieve the objectives of each respective group. Athletes in this program will work to attain maximum overall strength, power and resilience.    

Complete Sports Performance:

Train for overall sports performance. Each athlete trains under the HSP 8 Block system. Blocks consist of tissue prep, activation, movement prep, plyometrics, power output, strength training and conditioning.  The goal is to complete develop the complete athlete in performance to improve overall level of play.   

Meet Brian Harrington


Harrington Sports Performance is the athletic development program offered by Transform Fitness and Training.  The program is directed by head performance coach, Brian Harrington, who is also co-owner of Transform Fitness. Brian has been in the sports performance industry for over a decade and holds multiple certifications in strength and conditioning and athletic development.  Brian and his staff’s certifications consist of CSCS, CPT, PES, CES, CSAC, CSS, and USAW Advanced Coach. Brian also has Masters degrees in both Physical Education and Health Education.