General Rules for Ophir Field

Rules and regulations apply to all athletes, patrons, customers, officials, visitors and guests on the campus of Manhattanville College and shall be enforced at the discretion of campus administrators and security, Soccer Fields NY and facility staff. Your cooperation is required. Those not abiding by these rules may be asked to leave and be restricted from further use.

  1. Individuals utilizing any Manhattanville and Soccer Fields NY facilities do so solely at their own risk. The property owners, college, administrators, league operators, referees, directors, owners and staff of Manhattanville College and Soccer Fields NY assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur. By using any facilities at Manhattanville and Soccer Fields NY, any and all participants agree to fully indemnify Mahattanville and Soccer Fields NY from any liability associated with such usage regardless of injury or accident or the cause thereof. 
  2. There is NO stopping or parking on active roadways on campus. All campus access is through the College Road entrance only and NOT through the campus main entrance on Purchase Street.  
  3. Manhattanville and Soccer Fields NY are not responsible for the loss of any personal property. 
  4. Children must be under adult supervision at all times. 
  5. Conduct within the facilities should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship on and off the field. 
  6. No foul, abusive, racial or derogatory language permitted. 
  7. Use of drones is not permitted except with authorization from Manhattanville College, Soccer Fields NY and approval from Westchester Country Airport. 
  8. No Barbecues or fires. 
  9. No outside food or beverages (except water) are allowed. No food or beverages of any kind are permitted on any playing surface – especially during active play. 
  10. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.  
  11. Use of hover boards is not permitted. 
  12. Use of locker rooms, showers and bathrooms is strictly restricted to those areas open to the general public.
  13. No climbing on fences, equipment and/or netting. 
  14. No smoking is allowed inside the facility or on any athletic fields. 
  15. No pets allowed. 
  16. Prohibited items: No sunflower seeds, chewing tobacco, or similar type products. 
  17. Absolutely NO chewing gum on any artificial playing surface. 
  18. Spitting on any indoor artificial playing surface is strictly prohibited. Please be considerate and use trash receptacles. 
  19. Trash, garbage and refuse shall be placed in the containers provided for this purpose. All fields must be cleaned after use.  Please clean up after yourselves. 
  20. Participants are required to wear and utilize proper and appropriate equipment for safety reasons. Shin guards are required at all times for soccer usage. 
  21. Metal spikes, baseball spikes or screw in cleats are prohibited on any surface. 
  22. Possession or use of any type of weapon is strictly prohibited. 
  23. Goals and/or equipment used must be returned to its original place. Proper goal counter-weights must remain in place at all times. 
  24. Players and/or coaches must stay off fields until their assigned time. 
  25. Soccer Fields NY reserves the right to refuse play and/or service to anyone for any reason including, but not limited to, violation of these Rules. 
  26. Any action resulting in the activation of a fire alarm device under false pretenses may result in fines and/or municipal prosecution of any individual, group or organization. 
  27. Premises may be monitored by a video surveillance system. Captured video may be used for criminal and/or civil prosecution.